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Penman Iqraa Slim Line CQ4TH Single Recitation Hudhaify Electronic Digital Quran and Media Player (
Electronics > Other (Digital Quran)

Publisher/Manufacturer: Penman LLC (2007)
Product specifications: Handheld digital Quran; Arabic Voice + English text (9 textual translations); high quality color screen; thin slim design, much more
Item type: Electronic Digital Quran

Product description:

Ali Abdur Rahman al-Hudhaifys Arabic recitation model.

This model is the "slim" horizontal orientation model, with 1 audio recitation, and no memory card slot, enabling a lower price for a super high quality digital Quran player!

The next generation in digital Quran players is here! The Penman CQ4 series, in vibrant color, is loaded with features and options. Along with a full array of beneficial built-in Islamic and Quranic applications, this new model is a full featured MP3 or DAP (digital audio and video player), enabling you to download audio and video clips.

Built in Islamic contents include :

Holy Quran - High quality Arabic voice recitation, 9 language translations (Arabic, English, French, Urdu, Farsi, Turkish, Malay, Spanish, Germany)
Riyadh as Saliheen (Hadith collection) - Collection of hadith about Islamic manner and behaviour, auto scroll in English and Arabic
Hadith Qudsi (Hadith collection) - Auto scroll in English and Arabic
Tafseer al Jalalain (Quranic commentary) - Auto scroll in English and Arabic
Dua (supplication) - In Arabic voice and text
Salat time - Prayer timings, adhan sound, automatic 5 time prayer notification
Asbab an Nuzul (Arabic only Arabic text)
Holy names - 99 Names of God (Al Asma al Husna) Arabic

Multi-media Functions include :

AV Player (MP3, WMA, Video) - Store any Islamic songs or video and enjoy it. Download audio and video clips, and use software provided to convert said clips from their format to "CQ" format, and then use USB connection to transfer from your PC to the player!
FM Radio
Recording - Useful for recording important meetings or lectures
Picture - Manage your photo album on the colorful screen
Settings - 9 language translation settings, adhan setting, 3D sound effects, more

Features --

TFT full Color LCD
Stylish Slim Design
Touch Sense Button, Button LED
Audio-Video Player (MP3, WMA, Video)
FM radio
Picture Viewer
Earphone jack
USB2.0 full-speed interface to PC
Rechargeable Battery
Pouch, Neck strap
Two ways charging ( AC Adapter & USB Cable included )

Specifications --

Size: 87 x 42 x 7.8mm
1.8" TFT color LCD
Internal Li-Polymer Battery, 3.7V
Weight: 32g
Earphone; 5mw (20Hz ~ 20KHz)
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Price: 179.95 U.S. Dollars ($)(USD)
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